Gary Neville Podcast: Following the draw with Tottenham in the North London derby, Arsenal still lacks composure and is missing the right forward.  

In the most recent episode of his podcast, Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville discussed the 2-2 draw between Arsenal and Tottenham.

The former defender also discussed the effects of Declan Rice and Bukayo Saka’s injuries, as well as how Rodri’s absence will affect Man City’s performance against Arsenal in two weeks.

Following a dramatic 2-2 draw with Tottenham in the North London derby, Gary Neville believes Arsenal still lacks mental toughness and lacks a forward who can anticipate where the ball will land in the box.

In a heavyweight Super Sunday match, Bukayo Saka and Heung-Min Son each scored for their respective teams, but a point doesn’t do either team much good in the early stages of their Premier League title defense.

Despite the thrilling game, Sky Sports analyst Neville thinks Arsenal needs to improve their attacking options because some opportunities weren’t taken in crucial situations.

He cited two instances, one just before halftime when Gabriel Jesus pounced on James Maddison on the edge of Tottenham’s area but wastedly shot over: Eddie Nketiah stood motionless in the box during Saka’s inswinging corner that was flicked on towards the far post.


The former Manchester United defender said on The Gary Neville podcast: “I’m not a fan of strikers who just stay in the six-yard box and grab a goal, not many of them exist anymore anyhow.

“I prefer forwards, not strikers, who can move around the field, are adaptable, and can play on both the left and the right.

However, you still need a few players on your team, if not one, who can smell where the ball is going to land.


“Not a poacher; the days of poachers who merely supported two up top and another striker are long gone.

That period of time is no longer present.

“When you consider the forward lines we saw at Barcelona with David Villa, Pedro, and Lionel Messi years ago, none of them are real strikers as in goal-sniffers.

Sergio Aguero was, but we’re not even bringing up that; instead, we’re talking about a person with a sense of direction.


“What I didn’t like as a defender, but also what I heard from Sir Alex Ferguson, the coaches, and the England coaches over the years, was that strikers always had to run across the defender.

that you make that run into the back post if it is on the other side of the field and is being crossed to the back post.


You must enter at the back post on a corner kick and on the second ball when it is being flicked on. I used to mark Ian Wright at corners, and he was a nightmare, so at the very end it just hit me.

Ian Wright used to start in and around the six-yard box.

To ensure that you are there and he is not there if the ball is glanced on, which it often is, he always peels around to the back post.

He decided against making that run and instead hung out.

“And Jesus, when he stole Madison, these are significant events in the game.

Arsenal lacks the ability to move around, sniff, smell, and anticipate.


“I really like this Arsenal team, and they could go on to win a title or finish second, have a great season, and win trophies without that type of player, but it became obvious in this game that it was missing.”.

It was also mentioned on commentary by Alan Smith, who is much more knowledgeable than I am.”.

Arsenal “remains unsteady.”.

After Saka’s second-half penalty gave Arsenal the lead for the second time, Son quickly restored parity at the other end, pushing the Gunners back.

The senior players on the team should have been keeping the team focused on the field, according to Neville, who called it an example of Arsenal’s lack of “composition.”.

He declared: “I want to see a level of composure from this Arsenal team, but it’s hard to do with the manager jumping around like crazy on the sidelines.

“I want to see passion, but I also want to see coolness and composure, which feels contradictory.

However, I want to see it at the appropriate times and at the appropriate moments.

“Celebrate it, give your fans something because they want to see it has meaning,” Saka said in reference to their second goal, which was a penalty that was beautifully executed.

Second, a son.

But in that group, there ought to be two or three senior players yelling, ‘Right, come on.

We’re prepared and determined to see this through, so turn on the lights right away.

When a game is in danger, your mentality takes over.


“Rice was replaced at halftime, which presented a risk; therefore, should Jorginho have been left there almost last man on the ball for Son’s second equalizer? Maybe, maybe not.


“He should have performed better himself, of course, but that is the mentality I’m referring to when you give up a goal minutes after it has been scored. They were not re-set.”.


Rice on Neville, injuries to Saka, and Man City without Rodri.


After suffering a back injury against Spurs, Declan Rice might be sidelined for a while.

In just two weeks, Arsenal will play host to Manchester City in the Premier League, where many anticipate another title race between the two teams.

But both teams’ plans have been complicated by the weekend’s games.

Declan Rice and Saka both sustained injuries on Sunday, while Rodri received a straight red card against Nottingham Forest.

The outcome of their match, which will be broadcast live on Sky Sports, could be significantly impacted by the absence of all three players, who are essential to their respective teams.


Since a few years ago, Rodri has, in Neville’s opinion, been sensational for City.

“The growth in his game over a three, four, or five-year period has been special, and he is by far the best in his position.

In two weeks, it will be interesting to see if Declan Rice will be absent from Arsenal as well.


“Saka and Rice are two very important players, so their injuries could keep them out for four to five weeks rather than losing two points, which would be the biggest problem for Arsenal.

Rodri and Pep Guardiola.

Rice is a monster inside, and I believe they defeated Spurs with him playing the entire 90 minutes.

He is the kind of player who simply propels Arsenal forward and will win you a goal in the final corner. He has the ability to rally a group and accomplish the goal.

“Rodri is a fantastic player and a leader for Manchester City. I don’t know what he was doing on Saturday, but it was complete insanity, and I can see why Pep Guardiola is enraged with him.


“Rodri not playing now against Arsenal levels this game up because City doesn’t have anyone who can replace him like for like.

But they have a strong squad and enough talented players to fill it, so they can’t make any excuses.


The two most crucial players in that match, however, are Rodri and Declan Rice, because Haaland is an irreplaceable player.


It will be noticeable that Rodri is absent, but Arsenal must get Rice healthy in time for the game in two weeks.”.

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