Before Chelsea’s comeback, Mikel Arteta must decide whether to select Kai Havertz for Arsenal

Before Chelsea’s comeback, Mikel Arteta must decide whether to select Kai Havertz for Arsenal

Since leaving Chelsea for Arsenal in the summer, Kai Havertz is about to visit Stamford Bridge once more.

In light of Kai Havertz’s return, Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, will have a difficult time making a team selection for his team’s upcoming match against London rival Chelsea.

The German international signed a contract with the Gunners in the summer for about £65 million.


After a three-year stint with the Blues, where his consistency was spotty but he had plenty of memorable moments to show for it, that came after. One of those was his Champions League championship-winning goal against Manchester City in the championship game.


Despite this, Havertz wasn’t always viewed favorably by fans, who frequently bemoaned his inconsistent play and questioned where he belonged.

But those questions would remain unanswered as the forward moved to the Emirates Stadium over the summer, despite Arteta’s best efforts to make the most of his new star.


Given the rivalry, Havertz has been the subject of some attention since his move, and similar questions have come up.

As the manager sought to inject something new into his attacking play, the striker was moved to midfield in the hopes that this would be accomplished by his presence.

The 24-year-old hasn’t quite experienced those standout moments, but he has scored one goal, converting a penalty against Bournemouth in the hopes that it would boost his self-confidence. He also provided a pivotal assist for Gabriel Martinelli’s game-winning goal against Manchester City, coming off the bench to win a knockdown and passing the ball to him.


After gaining some momentum, he will have to wait until after a two-week international break before returning to action for Arsenal.

With decisions to be made regarding his position in the team, he will be back at Stamford Bridge when the Gunners play his old team Chelsea in a London derby.


Given the uncertainty surrounding the potential reception he will receive from the home crowd, the confidence already mentioned may be a crucial factor.

If he made any poor passes, shots, or headers, the Chelsea supporters might latch onto it, which would be detrimental to the hard work done to develop him.


Of course, there’s also the opportunity to show a club what they’re missing, to have that mentality of making a point and making them pay, which is the other side of the coin.

However, it is a risky one to play with, and Arteta will have to consider it when deciding on his team over the weekend.


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