Ref Watch: In a North London derby, should Eddie Nketiah of Arsenal and Cristian Romero of Spurs both have been dismissed?

In addition, why was Malo Gusto’s yellow card upgraded to a red card in Chelsea’s loss to Aston Villa, and should Spurs defender Cristian Romero have been sent off for his handball that resulted in an Arsenal penalty on Sunday?

Including Eddie Nketiah’s careless challenge on Guglielmo Vicario in the north London derby, Dermot Gallagher offers his assessment of the Premier League weekend’s hot topics.


Tottenham defeats Arsenal 2-2.


Arsenal and Tottenham.

Was it appropriate to dismiss Nketiah?


Guglielmo Vicario, a goalkeeper for Tottenham, is caught by Eddie Nketiah after lunging at him.

Nketiah receives a yellow card from referee Rob Jones, and VAR decides not to extend the punishment.


DERMOT’S CONCLUSION: “Why would you make a challenge like that?

I don’t think he could win the ball.

He wouldn’t have argued had he received a red card there.

He avoids catching him head-on, which is fortunate.

Nketiah is in serious trouble if he does catch his leg.

A goalkeeper would also do this.

After the VAR reviewed the situation, it was determined that the referee made the correct call.


Romero’s handball earned Arsenal a penalty, but was that the correct decision?

Ben White’s shot hits Cristian Romero in the Arsenal penalty area, and Romero receives a red card for handling.

Romero was not sent off, but Rob Jones was sent to the VAR monitor and given a penalty.

The incident occurred after VAR disallowed a penalty for a similar handball by Romero during Tottenham’s 2-0 victory over Manchester United in August.

An examination of Cristian Romero’s handball against Arsenal and the issue of whether Manchester United should have been given a penalty for the same act.


Romero does use his arms to balance before entering a situation.

He has his arms out, so it hits one of them. It stops the incoming shot. He may feel unjustly treated for giving up the penalty, but he is fortunate because if Bissouma hadn’t been standing behind him, he would have also been dismissed as the ball was headed for the goal without a defender.

“His arm is out, VAR has noticed it, and it is headed for the goal.

I watched the replay, and it didn’t surprise me.


Should Arsenal have received a second penalty?

ACCIDENT: As Gabriel applies pressure to Destiny Udogie as he leaps to block Reiss Nelson’s corner, his arm touches the ball. Rob Jones grants a corner while the VAR misses a handball.


He is jumping with his arms in this instance. He doesn’t really block anything, either.

It would have been extremely unfortunate for him to give up a penalty there.


Luton and Wolves are tied 1-1.


Was the Luton penalty call against Wolves accurate?

Joao Gomes is found to have handled in the area, and Luton is given a contentious penalty.

To make the score 1-1, Carlton Morris scores.



“Difficult choice, in my opinion.

Normally, it goes unpunished if it deflects off a player and strikes the arm.

Without a doubt, it does that.


He receives a swift deflection of it.

However, because his arm is so high and unusually high, it will be penalized.

It will be awarded as soon as the referee grants it and feeds the information back to the VAR.

Because of how high his arm is, he must give.


“The referee addresses the VAR.

The referee would have responded, “I’m aware it comes off his thigh, but his arm is so high,” to the VAR’s initial question, “You’ve given handball, why?”.

Everything depends on how close and high his arm is.


“His arm is so high, but I don’t like it and neither do you.

It cannot be reversed once the referee has made it.

I generally understand the referee’s decision.

Just so unusual, that is.

With so many check boxes to check, handball is no longer simple.

There is no question that he has increased the size of his body as they run through a mental checklist.



Was it proper to excommunicate Bellegarde?


Jean-Ricner Bellegarde, a midfielder for Wolves, is dismissed for violent behavior after a challenge on Tom Lockyer.

He was dismissed by the referee in real time, and VAR supported the call.


DERMOT’S CONCLUSION: “As a player, you can’t do that, but it’s a great teaching moment for the referee.

“I think it’s a red card, but hopefully the referee will realize that he needs to blow the whistle as he walks past and take control of that.

Don’t leave two players enraged on the floor was what he had in mind. The assistant kept an eye on that and informed him of Bellegarde’s actions, explaining that it was a red card offense.


Man City defeated Nottingham Forest 2-0.

Manchester City and Nottingham Forest.

Did Rodri deserve to be sent off?

RODRI, a Manchester City player, is dismissed for grabbing Morgan Gibbs-White by the neck.

Rodri, Pep Guardiola.

Casemiro on Will Hughes was the same, according to Dermot. He sent him off after grabbing him by the throat.

Consistency is provided when you ask for it.

“You take a huge risk when you put your hands on a player’s throat.

The referee has observed that.



Chelsea 0 – 1 Aston Villa

Tottenham vs. Aston Villa.

Was it correct for VAR to change Gusto’s yellow card to a red one?

Aston Villa’s Lucas Digne is fouled by Chelsea defender Malo Gusto, who is given a yellow card by referee Jared Gillet.

Despite VAR’s recommendation, the official only issues a yellow card instead of a red.

After going to the monitor, Gillet issues a red card.


DERMOT’S CONCLUSION: “At first glance, I initially believed that it was a red card.

With his studs, he has jumped in and grabbed him.

You have a duty of care to your opponent, which is one advantage you have as a player. You can’t stud-plant the opposition.


“Rather than the VAR, the referee took the time to look at it.

Very quickly, the VAR reached a conclusion.



Newcastle defeats Sheffield United 8–0.

Newcastle Sheffield United.


Should the first of eight Newcastle players have been disqualified?

INCIDENT: Sean Longstaff scores Newcastle’s opening goal against Sheffield United after Anthony Gordon receives the ball on the byline and squares for him.

The Blades players believed Gordon had removed the ball from play and had handled it during the buildup.


DERMOT’S VERDICT: “The entire ball must be over the entire line.

It isn’t, of course.

Ironically, it remains in play as he brings it over because it hits his hand.

He is not able to score because it is determined that it was not intentional.

As a result, the new interpretation holds that a play must be intentional in order to qualify as a handball.

The goal is awarded because both the referee and VAR said no.




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