Aaron Ramsdale’s dad calls Jamie Carragher “a disgrace” after brutal comments

In response to a joke made by Jamie Carragher about Aaron Ramsdale’s response to a David Raya save during Arsenal’s 2-2 draw with Tottenham, the goalkeeper’s father responded on social media.

Following the north London derby, Aaron Ramsdale made a joke about the Arsenal goalkeeper.

Jamie Carragher’s father called him a “disgrace” and advised him to “show some class.”.

Ramsdale sat on the sidelines as Arsenal drew 2-2 with rival Tottenham; newcomer David Raya, who joined from Brentford over the summer, was selected ahead of him for the third straight match.

Brennan Johnson was denied by an outstanding save from Raya, and Ramsdale could be seen praising him from the sidelines.

However, Carragher jokingly claimed that Ramsdale was actually “devastated” that Raya had made the save and compared his response to an actor who misses out on winning an Oscar.

During an interview with Sky Sports, the Liverpool legend said: “I thought it was like the Oscars, you know when someone loses the Oscar and they start clapping and smiling for the other person.

When I saw that, I started to laugh.

With that, he is really in utter devastation.”.

On social media, Ramsdale’s father, Nick, responded to Carragher’s remarks by writing: “You are a Disgrace!! Show some class!! My lad has.”.

Mikel Arteta, the manager of the Gunners, praised Ramsdale for his response to being benched and acknowledged that it was not an easy choice.

“Maybe I look [it], but in your stomach when you have players sitting and you have to announce the line-up, it is one of the hardest things,” Arteta said.

“When they play, players feel appreciated and content.

It is also very challenging when they don’t.

Playing them will help you achieve your goal of making them feel loved and trusted.

But everyone is aware that it’s a team sport, and there are always 11 players in the starting lineup.

But rather than looking back at the team that played the first six or seven games of the season, we have seen how crucial the season’s finishers and everyone else will be.

You should behave better; my son has.

You are a disgrace.

— Nick Ramsdale on September 24, 2023 (@RamsdaleNick).

Every player makes it very difficult.

I feel bad for every player who isn’t playing, and I care about them all, but this is a competition, and it’s my responsibility to make the best choices for the team.

“When you are on the field, there is someone else who is not, and he has been very supportive and good around the place.

That is what I expect from every player. Thus, it works both ways.

His performance thus far has been excellent.

Aaron is a remarkable person; we all recognize this and I completely comprehend that he exudes charisma and aura

You can see how Emile was treated the other night, which implies that we and I really like him, and we must deal with that.

It happens to many other players as well.”.

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