Mauricio Pochettino likens Man City’s issues to Chelsea’s.

Mauricio Pochettino likens Man City’s issues to Chelsea’s.

Mauricio Pochettino, who has compared Chelsea to Manchester City thus far this season, feels that injuries have hindered his start as Chelsea’s head coach.


After a disastrous 2022–2023 season, the Blues named Pochettino their new manager.

Although it was expected that the Argentine would rejoin rivals Tottenham Hotspur, they chose not to contact their former manager, which allowed him to move to Stamford Bridge instead.


Following a solid 1-1 draw against Liverpool at home in August, Pochettino’s tenure in west London came to an end with just one Premier League victory in his next five games.


Prior to the October international break, Chelsea advanced to the Carabao Cup round four with six points from their previous two games, which raised morale within the team.

“Creating a team is always the main goal.

In a sitting interview with Chelsea’s official website, Pochettino stated, “It’s a young squad, a team that still needs to get to know each other.”.


“We can only give the team what it needs with time and training.

That’s why, without a doubt, it’s just a matter of time.

“When evaluating the players and the team, we must maintain composure.

Good things, in my opinion, are on the horizon as we continue to grow.

Even though there are moments when things are up and down, you can sense that.

That being said, I’m confident that we will succeed as a team.



When Pochettino joined Chelsea in the summer of 2022, the team was still going through changes due to Todd Boehly and BlueCo’s takeover.

They had also sold a lot of experienced players and added 12 young players to their roster this year.


In addition, Chelsea has suffered a number of injury setbacks to start the season.

Vice captain Ben Chilwell and captain Reece James have both been sidelined for extended periods of time.


Pochettino compared Chelsea’s predicament to that of treble-winning Manchester City, who have suffered recently due to the absences of suspended player Rodri and injured player Kevin De Bruyne.


“Many of our important players are injured and are unable to train and compete with us.

It’s really crucial.

“You can see how different it is, how affected a club like Manchester City is, when there are only two players missing—Rodri and De Bruyne,” he went on.


We lack a number of important players who could advance the team’s development more quickly.

Indeed, we will undoubtedly be prepared to contend for major prizes once we have recovered every player.


“Despite the situation, we still have to have faith that we can compete for great things.


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