Mikel Arteta praises Mauricio Pochettino as an inspiration

It’s Mikel Arteta and Mauricio Pochettino’s first match as rival managers.


Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, praised Mauricio Pochettino and said he is already making a difference at Chelsea.

They both joined Paris St. Germain in 2001, and they played together for a full season.

They grew close during that time and have remained friends.

Although they later went on to become successful coaches, this will be their first encounter as rival managers when they meet at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

While they may have joined PSG at the same time, Pochettino, 51, is 10 years older than Arteta, and the Arsenal manager gives the Argentinian the credit for taking him under his wing.

We arrived at the same time and spent three months sharing a hotel room, Arteta said.

“First of all, it was my first professional opportunity in Paris.”.

He was critical and one of the most significant figures in my career.

He was a significant contributor to my success in Paris as a player because he took me by the arm and cared for me like a younger sibling.

It was due to him because he really looked out for me, gave me a lot of confidence, and offered me a lot of advice.

He has served as an inspiration to me ever since, not only as a manager but also as a player.

He was a major factor in my decision to give up playing to pursue coaching, for which I will be eternally appreciative.


Just one month after Pochettino was fired as the head coach of rival Tottenham in north London, Arteta took over as Arsenal’s manager in December 2019.


When Pochettino took over at Chelsea in May, he made his way back to the Premier League, and despite a rocky start, Arteta believes his former manager is beginning to make progress.


When asked if he thought Pochettino was up to the task, he responded, “Yes, you can see already that something has changed very quickly.


“It’s a big game, and the two clubs have a long history.

The games we’ve played with them in the past are all familiar to us, but this one is different.

Chelsea has really impressed me.


“I believe that they deserve a lot more than what is currently on the table.

It is amazing what Mauricio accomplished so quickly.

We must perform at the highest level.


Additionally, Arteta shared the best piece of advice Pochettino had given after hanging up his boots: “Don’t go into coaching — it’s too hard!”.


The initial step is that.

He was already a leader as a player, so I knew he would become a coach and I watched him closely.


“It was amazing how well he understood the game.

He used to be behind me, always giving me advice.

He is extremely proud of what he has accomplished and the manner in which he has accomplished it throughout his coaching career.


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