World’s most valuable player Haaland leads Man City’s squad in value, surpassing both Real Madrid and PSG

World’s most valuable player Haaland leads Man City’s squad in value, surpassing both Real Madrid and PSG

October 20: Manchester City has the highest squad value in world football ($1.2 billion), with Erling Haaland valued at €196 million, €28 million more than Kylian Mbappé at €168 million.



Football Benchmark’s updated Player Valuation platform from October shows that Man City is now ahead of Arsenal, Real Madrid, and Paris Saint-Germain, with just € 21 million separating them in terms of squad value.


While Mbappé is ranked second by Football Benchmark, they also note that Vinícius Junior (€ 164 million) and Jude Bellingham (€ 154 million), two Real Madrid players, could soon pass him in the rankings. It should be mentioned that, out of the top 10, Bellingham was the only one to join a new team during the summer.


When it comes to players whose values are rising quickly in the first month of the current campaign, Karou Mitoma and Evan Ferguson of Brighton & Hove Albion are particularly noteworthy because they not only made it into the top 100, but they also rank among those whose values have increased the most since July (by roughly €20 million apiece).


The list with the largest value increases includes players from six leagues and nine different countries, demonstrating a wide range of skill levels.

The fact that four of them are under 20 years old should also be mentioned, according to Football Benchmark.


Writing on the Under-21 category, the authors of the report note that, “for the first time ever, every single one of the top 10 had a value of at least €60 million, highlighting the increased value of young talent.”. Xavi Simons and Evan Ferguson are the two new names on the list as of July.



Everyone on the list plays for a team in one of the Big Five leagues, with the exception of António Silva of SL Benfica.


Considering the total value of the squad, nine clubs currently have a roster that is valued at over €1 billion.

The Premier League is home to six of the top ten clubs.


“After the top 10, there is a significant decline, with RB Leipzig’s team, valued at €651 million, in 11th place.

SSC Napoli’s €640 million total worth makes them the most valuable Italian Serie A team, with FC Internazionale Milano (€624 million) and AC Milan (€623 million) coming in close behind.


According to Football Benchmark, nine clubs, or nearly half of the English Premier League, have a squad worth more than €500 million overall.

When the top divisions of Germany, Spain, Italy, and France are combined, there are only ten such clubs.



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