Barcelona’s defender dilemma ahead of the Bilbao match is scoring

Barcelona’s defender dilemma ahead of the Bilbao match is scoring

Rotation will be very important for FC Barcelona in the long season ahead as they have several competitions to consider. Xavi and his men face a tough schedule with a number of strong opponents.

For your team to perform at its best, certain changes are needed at the right time.


However, there are certain positions within a team where natural replacement is impossible or temporarily impossible.

At left back, Alejandro Balde will be Marcos Alonso’s backup.

Joao Cancelo’s backup, on the other hand, is a completely different matter.

Right-back concerns

In addition to the Portuguese defenders, Xavi can usually count on Sergi Roberto. However, due to recent injuries, even the Spanish player has not been able to take the field yet.

According to Spanish publication SPORT, Xavi is trying to find a balance between the alternatives available and how to rest Cancelo, taking into account the upcoming matches.

Between the Portuguese national team and FC Barcelona, ​​Cancelo made seven starts.

It’s still a tough schedule and Xavi will be hoping to give him a break by bringing in another defender to replace him.

Absence of the French


Jules Kounde was Barcelona’s main right-back last season. However, he is currently recovering from a muscle injury and will not be able to play until November.

However, there is one young name that Xavi has started to focus on during recent first team training.

Aspiring starlet


17-year-old defender Hector Fort is starting to establish himself in the first team.

He has excellent offensive ability and is also a smart defender.

According to the publication SPORT, given the current defeat, he is likely to be included in Athletic Bilbao’s final squad.


Speaking of options, Xavi Hernández talked about a tactical change in a recent press conference.


“Variations may vary by competition. Tactically, it depends and we will work on it all week.

There are some possibilities that you see.”

Instant option

In addition to Hector Pott, two other players are likely to appear at right back. Ronald Araujo and Alejandro Balde have already shown their ability to hold down their right-back positions.


It may not be the most creative option, but it is currently the only alternative for the first team.

Despite these options, Cancelo is still safe.

He is a player with excellent physical strength and durability and is known to have no effect on him even when he is tired.

His former manager at Manchester City, Pep Guardiola, also said of him:


Every player should be treated differently.

I needed time to understand better.

He is one of the few players who plays morning, afternoon and evening.

You need the adrenaline from the game.

“Football is the most important thing in his life.”


The upcoming match against Athletic Bilbao will be a tough test for Barca.

The Catalan giants are aiming for a strong comeback after the international break.

Cancelo is expected to play at the Montjuic Stadium and face Barca’s Basque rivals.

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