Chelsea v Arsenal: Mudryk or Havertz? Arteta or Pochettino?

Chelsea v Arsenal: Mudryk or Havertz? Arteta or Pochettino?

We go into this derby with some uncomfortable questions.

Who deserves the fee, Mudryk or Havertz?

Has Chelsea found their feet after signing enough players to field two different teams? Is Pochettino the manager who led Tottenham to the Champions League title or the manager who only led PSG to the Ligue 1 title?

Chelsea’s three wins are enough to show that they are gaining momentum.

After we beat Manchester City, will they have enough players to match our moxie?

The story of this tape…


Let’s be honest.

Filled with young, promising players and free of European obligations, it’s only a matter of time before Chelsea come together under Pochettino.

We recognize that the Argentine benefited enormously from managing Tottenham during Kane’s prime, but we also have to admit that he is a great manager.

The best proof of this is his time in the Southampton or Espanyol squad.

Definitely better than the sum of its parts.

Now his challenge is to reclaim that role when his sides are far more expensive than Tottenham, Southampton and Espanyol.


Chelsea have won three games in a row, which is a fact, and it means there is some progress under Poch.

But a closer look reveals that Poch retirees may be living off the low-hanging fruit.

Beating Brighton at home and beating Fulham and Burnley in the League Cup may look like a boost, but the Seagulls look worn out and the Cottagers and Clarets will be fighting to avoid relegation.

Pochettino is too good a manager to allow Chelsea to suffer a similar fate, so it’s only a matter of time before he and his £1billion fee find a replacement.

It’s up to us to postpone it for another week.

Of course, we have the enigma of Kai Havertz on our side. Having somehow failed to secure the services of Mykhailo Mudrik (which may or may not have been the result of Shakhtar Donetsk’s astronomical transfer fee), we turned to Havertz, with Mudrik struggling to justify the transfer fee.

The noise it brings.

Before compensating. Each manager has only scored once for his new club and this will be a test to see if each manager can make the most of their investment.


You may see this coming.

I think Arteta gets more from Havertz than Pochettino gets from Mudri.

Probably much more.

It is not the thoughts of the two players, but the thoughts of the two coaches.

In all his great years, Poch has never shown that he can build a team that is more than the sum of its parts.

Yes, he was in charge when Tottenham reached the Champions League final, but he has disappointed since then.

Let’s compare with the record set by the new coach Arteta.


The contrast is clear. Chelsea have spent a lot of money to sign available players.

It is true that Arsenal have spent a lot of money, but that spending has been carefully targeted and planned.

Can they overcome a tough game against a team with so much potential?

We head to Stamford Bridge with the confidence and drive to beat Manchester City ahead of the international break.

Chelsea are 11th but gaining momentum.


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