Pep Guardiola takes aim at Manchester United’s ‘lifeless plague’ as Gary Neville highlights key issues

Manchester City’s managers saw their side beat United 3-0 at Old Trafford on Sunday.


Pep Guardiola has highlighted the main reason for Manchester City’s recent dominance – and it doesn’t bode well for United.

Erling Hoaland scored twice in the visitors’ 3-0 win at Old Trafford on Sunday to put Phil Foden in third place. It continued City’s good performances against their neighbors and highlighted the gap between the two sides and the different directions of the club.

As United’s buying woes continue, Guardiola has cited the cohesive image behind the Etihad Stadium as one of the key factors in City’s rise to the top of European football.


“I’ve often said that we, the president, the CEO, the athletic directors, the coaches and the players are on the same page,” he said.

“Whether it’s right or wrong, we’re going there.

Of course we make mistakes, but even if we lose or things don’t go well, we don’t blame anyone and just look at how we can do better.

We will find a solution.

So I think the club is stable,” he said.


United legend and Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville wrote for X: “This speech by Pep Guardiola is an appalling statement against the United management!”


But Guardiola admitted he did not expect things to change at Manchester after joining in 2016.

“I know what I’ve done,” he said.

“I don’t know what United did because I wasn’t there.

“But when I came with Mourinho, I didn’t expect that to happen because Ibrahimovic and Lukaku were the best players.”


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