The Barcelona president is upset after the latest defeat but has full confidence in Xavi

FC Barcelona has a losing streak against Real Madrid in the last El Clásico.

In particular, Catalonia led the game, but the judgment and mistakes of some colleagues in the second half were painful.

It was a tense period following this defeat, especially as one of the key members of the Barcelona team, Ilkay Gundogan, criticized the anger and lack of leadership of the team immediately after the game.


Laporta was upset about losing El Clásico.


According to SPORT, Gundogan didn’t seem too upset in the dressing room, but Joan Laporta was visibly upset after the game.

In their report, the Barcelona president was very upset after the match and did not hide his disappointment with Xavi and the coaching staff.


Laporta is certainly a Barcelona fan and it hurt to lose to their biggest rivals. The president wants Barcelona to become the hegemons of the competition and has invested heavily in the team over the past two years to achieve this. With these additions, Barcelona were expected to retain their league title again this year.

Laporta still full confidence in Xavi


However, while Barcelona’s performances in the Champions League have improved, they are not having as good a season domestically as they did last year.

The loss to Real Madrid leaves them four points behind the top of the table, and the Catalans have a difficult schedule ahead till the end of the year, which will make things even more difficult for them.

Despite these revelations, Laporta has full faith in Xavi and that is why he has extended his contract with the coach. However, Laporta is now keen to give Xavi his all to help the team get maximum points before the end of the year to avoid Real Madrid getting away with the league title.


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