In response to Roy Keane’s criticism, Pep Guardiola says, “It’s all for show.”

After the 3-0 victory over the Manchester United at Old Trafford on Sunday, Guardiola was spotted conversing with Erling Haaland.



Roy Keane may think it’s “all for show,” but Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola will not abandon his practice of coaching his players on the field right after a game.


Following Sunday’s 3-0 victory over Manchester United at Old Trafford, Guardiola was spotted conversing with Erling Haaland. They discussed the header that City’s top scorer had missed in the first half and the nearly identical opportunity that the Norwegian squandered in the second half.

Guardiola has been doing this for years; at the beginning of the season, he had an animated conversation with Haaland on the Burnley field and, in order to make a point to Raheem Sterling, cut short City’s celebrations following their 6-0 FA Cup final victory over Watford back in 2019.


Last weekend, former United captain Roy Keane expressed his displeasure on Sky Sports, telling Guardiola to “get down the tunnel, enjoy your victory” and that he was only doing it for the cameras. However, the City manager stated that he frequently wants to make his point while it is still relevant.


“I hold Roy Keane in high regard,” Guardiola remarked. “I go inside sometimes after the game is over, and sometimes I stay there. I talk to players about the game when I find them. I’m aware that there is a camera.

“I wanted to (celebrate) with the fans at that precise moment, especially since I was outside.” The match is significant to United’s supporters.


We discuss the second goal and the (Andre) Onana action that went wrong in the final minute of the first half. He could be more powerful, better.


“To put the ball in the net with more force, the header (could be) stronger. Erling experienced it in Burnley. I’m able to escape it.


Perhaps Roy is correct, but it does happen. At my age, I’m not required to help the public.

I occasionally go inside and say hello to the referees. That is how I am feeling right now.


“I don’t think it’s appropriate to approach the players to perform a show for the crowd following the game.


Of course, I could have completed it inside. In the locker room, I’ve done it numerous times. Take a look at that picture and that movement.


The players currently have that mental image, so it’s new. There are moments when you leave an impression on this place (the head).


Haaland now has 13 goals in 15 games for City this season after his brace at Old Trafford.


To be in the running for the competitions, we try to win games.


Guardiola, Pep

After taking a month off during the World Cup, the 23-year-old, who had frequently experienced nagging injuries at Borussia Dortmund, scored 52 in all competitions last season—his first in England.


This time, there won’t be a chance like that, but Guardiola stated he wasn’t worried about his star player’s fitness right now.


Guardiola remarked, “He feels really fit now, which is so important for us.” He was from Dortmund, so occasionally he had aches and pains. Now, on the other hand, he feels liberated.

“I witnessed him training with amazing energy today. I don’t give March, April, or May much thought. In order to be considered for the competitions, we strive to win games.


“We’ll see if he takes a nap or goes down. He feels better now. He is a great threat and gives us confidence when he’s on the field.


He had numerous opportunities to score more goals each game and scored a lot of goals. Amazing, such a great player for us. He serves us well.

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