Bernardo Silva: Pep Guardiola provides an update on Erling Haaland’s injury while comparing the Manchester City midfielder to Lionel Messi.

Bernardo Silva: Pep Guardiola provides an update on Erling Haaland’s injury while comparing the Manchester City midfielder to Lionel Messi.

In Man City’s 6-1 victory over Bournemouth, Jeremy Doku stole the show with one goal and four assists. However, Pep Guardiola revealed that Bernardo’s second goal reminded him of Lionel Messi. Guardiola also provided an update on Erling Haaland’s injury.



As the midfielder scored twice in Manchester City’s 6-1 victory over Bournemouth, Pep Guardiola claimed that Bernardo Silva brought to mind Lionel Messi.


In a game where Jeremy Doku scored once and provided four assists, City defeated Bournemouth 6-1 thanks to goals from Bernardo in each of the two halves.


After receiving the first of Doku’s four assists for his first goal, the Portuguese midfielder chipped Bournemouth For the second, goalie Ionut Radu produced a fantastic chip.


Guardiola said to BBC Sport when asked if Silva is among the greatest players in the world or in the Premier League: “In the world.” I mentioned that a lot.


“After the first goal, he made a good effort from a short corner, and the second goal’s chipping action reminded me of Messi.” In that instant, I recalled how frequently Messi had done that.


“Perhaps that compliments him too much! However, he merits it.”


Doku, on the other hand, completed four dribbles on Saturday, more than the entire Bournemouth team put together, in addition to his goal and four assists. Guardiola praised the young winger’s decision-making as his most noteworthy quality.

The City manager said to Sky Sports, “We knew the one-v-one, the fact that surprised me the most is how clever he is to dribble.”


“I felt he understood everything when he decided to take the extra pass. He has a great grasp of the game.”

Pep: Haaland slightly twisted his ankle.

The only negative aspect of City’s performance was Erling Haaland’s worrisome injury, which occurred during the halftime break after he twisted his ankle.


Immediately following the match, Guardiola was unable to confirm the extent of the injury.


“Hopefully, it won’t be a major problem after he slightly twisted his ankle. We’ll have a look in the coming hours,” Guardiola remarked.


Tuesday night, City takes on Young Boys of Switzerland in the Champions League. The following Sunday, at 4.30 p.m., they play Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, live on Sky Sports.

Analysis: Doku is a fantastic asset that Pep has at his disposal.


Man City appears to have a winner on their hands. Oh my, on Saturday afternoon, Jeremy Doku was amazing. A performance that will give the Bournemouth defenders nightmares, resulting in a goal and four assists. Box office is he.


The lightning speed. the quickness and dexterity to quickly twist and turn. Additionally, the ability to finish well and know when to bring on a teammate to ensure that all of that impressive approach play results in a finished product. Doku appears to have everything. And only twenty-one!


He even had the most victories in duels at the end of the game. Pep Guardiola is going to adore it.


Although Man City has plenty of attacking options, Doku is the player you should pay to watch right now. From the beginning to the end, he captivated the audience and posed a serious threat. It’s possible that Jack Grealish is wondering if the young speedster will replace him on that left-flank.


The truth is that, depending on Guardiola’s strategy, there may be opportunities for the two of them. But one thing is certain: he has Doku, an amazing asset, on his hands.


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