Rodri says Man City now has an “outstanding” wonderkid who is actually very similar to Leroy Sane, calling it “fantastic.”

Rodri says Man City now has an “outstanding” wonderkid who is actually very similar to Leroy Sane, calling it “fantastic.”

Rodri has now drawn comparisons between Bayern Munich forward Leroy Sane and Manchester City speedster Jeremy Doku.


The Spanish international shared his thoughts on the Belgian winger with Simon Bajkowski of Manchester Evening News following his masterclass against Bournemouth, in which he notched four assists and a goal.


Rodri compared him to Leroy Sane following Manchester City’s 6-1 thumping of Andoni Iraola’s team, which was inspired by Jeremy Doku.


Rodri likens Jeremy Doku to Leroy Sane, calling him “fantastic.”


Danny Murphy called the 21-year-old “outstanding,” and he’s taken to life at City like a duck to water.


The young player was simply unplayable on Saturday as well, tearing defenders to pieces with his amazing dribbling and displaying his underappreciated eye for a pass.


According to Rodri, Manchester City has added Jeremy Doku, a winger with a similar profile to Leroy Sane.

“We now have a player with this ability, which we didn’t really have in the previous years—possibly when Raz or Leroy were here—these quick players on the side. He performed it flawlessly, but as you are aware, in order to play here, you must also be friendly with the other players and have a solid understanding of the rules of the game.


“Normally, a player with his strength would be more of a one-on-one player and less of a team player, but he has both, which is great for the team. He has a lot to learn. He’s not old. He wants to keep developing.

Jeremy Doku might be able to equal or even exceed the German

Rodri makes a valid point, and Jeremy Doku is talented enough to either catch up to or even surpass Leroy Sane in the future.


The two-time Premier League champion is arguably the world’s most productive winger right now.


It’s reasonable to argue, though, that his tenure at the Allianz Arena has been uneventful.


The possibilities are endless for Jeremy Doku as long as Pep Guardiola allows him to keep developing his skill set.



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