I know people want Manchester City to be punished, says Pep Guardiola

Fans of teams around the league have protested, demanding that City receive a similar punishment to Everton’s.


Manager Pep Guardiola declared on Friday that Manchester City will remain innocent unless and until they are found guilty of violating more than 100 financial regulations of the English Premier League.


Everton received an extraordinary 10-point deduction last week for violating the PSR (profitability and sustainability rules).


Liverpool, whom they will host on Saturday, and Arsenal are trailing Champions City in the standings by a single point.


“What makes me doubt that we are innocent?” a sour Guardiola asked reporters on Friday. “The defense should be presented to the judge by the attorneys. We wait and then decide to accept the decisions.”


Supporters of teams around the league have protested, demanding that City receive a similar punishment to Everton’s.


Prior to Everton, City was charged in February, and their case is still pending.


The penalties levied by the impartial panel managing the case can vary from a monetary fine and deduction of points to disqualification from the English Premier League. The team has consistently refuted any financial misconduct.


“I don’t know the truth of what happened, so I won’t say anything about Everton. “Those are two entirely distinct cases,” Guardiola declared.


“I am aware that many want Man City to face consequences. That’s what I see and sense. “Why don’t City go to the Conference?” is a common question I hear from supporters of the team (the National League is the lowest division on the English football pyramid). Let’s wait though. These are two distinct cases that are not the same. One of them is more intricate and longer.”


Guardiola was asked if he would resign if Man City were demoted. Guardiola guided Man City to their first Champions League title last season, making them the second English team to win the treble after Manchester United.

“You’re interrogating me as though we’ve received punishment. We are innocent for the time being,” the Spaniard declared. “If we win the Champions League, I’m more likely to stay than if we finish in League One.”


Klopp ecstatic


The Liverpool manager, Juergen Klopp, stated that his team’s chances of winning the title are not determined by a single game, but he would tune in to watch the thrilling match from anywhere in the world because it is so exciting.


“I would watch it anywhere on the planet; it’s just a really, really exciting game,” Klopp told reporters. “It’s not a test on how close we get to City.”


“We know we need to give it our all in order to have a chance, so we need to properly prepare for it. We’ll see.”

For the past five games, Klopp’s team has not lost. “We were good in a lot of the games,” he stated.


With 12 games played, City has 28 points. They have established a stronghold at Etihad Stadium, winning 23 straight matches there in all competitions.

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