President of Barcelona Joan Laporta forbids board members from discussing manager Xavi Hernande.

President of Barcelona Joan Laporta forbids board members from discussing manager Xavi Hernande.

Xavi Hernandez, the manager of Barcelona, is under the most pressure he has had since taking over the position because of a lack of motivation on the field and subsequent poor performance. The Blaugrana have dropped four of their previous nine games, and their performance against Royal Antwerp on Wednesday raised concerns.

Joan Laporta, the president of Barcelona, is cognizant of the growing pressure. According to Sport, he has forewarned the other members of his board not to discuss Xavi in public because doing so could only make the situation worse. Laporta is eager to put up a united front and is against press leaks.

However, he hasn’t been successful thus far. According to recent reports, the board is responsible for a large number of the leaks that have surfaced regarding Xavi and internal club dissatisfaction. When the two disagreed about the squad selection on Wednesday night, it was Sporting Director Deco who took things to the next level.


Following Wednesday’s 2-3 loss to Royal Antwerp, questions have been raised about Xavi’s future at Barcelona.


Though the results of the last few weeks have started to cast doubt on it, the general consensus has always been that he will be protected at least until the end of the season.


“I believe I am capable of making things better. I have faith that the group will get better. Believe me. Following the game against Antwerp, the manager remarked, “Laporta and Deco have confidence in me.”

“We spoke with Deco and President Laporta for two hours today. Nothing is wrong inside. I’m doing great. It’s not like I’m in a horrible place,” he continued.


Journalist Ferran Correas reported via SPORT that, in contrast to the manager’s assertion, the board has begun to question Xavi’s abilities; nonetheless, no one from the club office is permitted to discuss the matter in public.

It’s the media’s fault, but is it really time to take action?

The concerns about Xavi are not just media exaggerations; some members of the board of directors harbored these doubts even prior to the national team’s recent hiatus and the team’s defeat to Shakhtar Donetsk in the UEFA Champions League.

Moreover, these worries have come up again since the team’s Montjuic loss to Girona last Sunday.


There was discontent with the coach’s remarks in addition to criticism of the team’s performance and the match’s result.


These opinions, though, were voiced behind closed doors, and Barça directors had received advice weeks prior to speak publicly about the coach.


President Joan Laporta, who is a great fan of Xavi, knows from his own experience in the role that in trying times it’s best to stick together and present a united front.


Unfortunately, this goal has not been entirely accomplished, especially in light of the recent events surrounding the Antwerp game, and it appears that management is still researching potential candidates.

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