Brazilian striker will not start for Barcelona, according to a report

Brazilian striker will not start for Barcelona, according to a report

The arrival of Vitor Roque at FC Barcelona has the supporters of the team very excited. Cules is optimistic that the Brazilian’s arrival will greatly increase the team’s effectiveness in front of goal, particularly during a time when this has been a major obstacle preventing the team from winning.


But the Catalans know all too well that the opinions of their supporters can shift quickly, and a few poor performances from the Brazilian during his transitional period can put a lot of pressure on the young player.


As a result, Roque won’t be a regular starter in the starting eleven when he first joins Barcelona, according to Mundo Deportivo.

The Blaugrana coaching staff also feels that Roque can benefit greatly from studying under Robert Lewandowski, the Polish striker who has long been regarded as one of the best in the world. Barcelona also hopes that Lewandowski’s inclusion in the team will relieve some of Roque’s workload.


Similar to Lamine Yamal, the Catalan team will treat Roque by not making him a starter right away but still giving him opportunities to prove his abilities on the field. His presence on the field will also benefit the team by enhancing aerial play, making better use of available space, and applying more pressure to the opposition.


Roque will be training with the Barcelona first team from the first day on, unlike Vinicius Junior or Rodrygo Goes, who had to pass through the Real Madrid youth academy before being able to play for the first team. He’ll be able to pick up the Barcelona style of play at an ideal level thanks to this.


The possibility of Lewandowski and Roque playing together in a match is one that seems extremely unlikely. Link-up is not these players’ main strength; instead, they are both natural finishers. Even so, Xavi can play them together in some boring games or in situations where he is in dire need of a goal.


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