How Enzo can improve to match the caliber of some former Chelsea heroes

Axel Disasi is a great person to draw comparisons with because he played with Cesc Fabregas in Monaco when the former Chelsea player was nearing the end of his career.


In an exclusive interview with Capital Football, Disasi shared some intriguing ideas regarding the similarities and differences between the two:


“Because of his experience, Cesc was a player who gave me many tips on how to play at the top level,” the defender said.

“Training with a player of his caliber every day was advantageous and greatly boosted the team morale.” He spoke more broadly about elite football rather than specifically about Chelsea. He was the person we could go to with any questions we had.

Enzo Fernandez has the potential to match Fabregas. He is a talented player with a bright future ahead of him because he is still young. He can, of course.


In fact, we were considering this analogy just the other day. Few people will ever match the weight of pass and the speed of thought that Cesc Fabregas possessed. Although not quite at Fabregas’ level yet, Enzo is a fantastic long passer.


Enzo still possesses a tiny bit more quickness and perseverance. Even later in his career, he can contribute more defensively and in pressing than Fabregas, even though he doesn’t always show it.


Watching Enzo grow will be enjoyable, hopefully for many years to come.



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