Will Silva STAY or GO?! Guardiola REVEALS DISTURBING Transfer UPDATES on Man City Star!

Bernardo Silva: Transfer Target or City Treasure?


Summer transfer rumor season is upon us, and Bernardo Silva’s future at Manchester City is once again a hot topic. Pep Guardiola recently addressed the speculation, revealing some surprising details.


While reports linked Silva with a move to Barcelona, Guardiola confirmed they haven’t contacted City about the player [“Barca has never called…”]. This is despite Silva’s reported £50m release clause, a tempting offer for a world-class talent.

Silva himself has previously expressed a desire for a warmer climate or a location closer to Portugal. However, Guardiola emphasized Silva’s commitment to City [“I hope he stays…”] and called him “a gem of a player” [“a gem of a player…”].


So, will a club step up and activate the release clause? Guardiola seems confident they haven’t yet, stating, “If you want a player you have to call him” [“If you want a player…”].


One thing is certain: the Bernardo Silva transfer saga continues. Will a club make their move, or will he remain a vital cog in Guardiola’s City machine? Only time will tell.



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