England’s Secret Weapon Revealed? Rooney & Carragher AGREE on Shocking Choice for Euro glory!

Foden Frenzy! Rooney and Carragher Crown England’s Messi in Making


Gareth Southgate is facing a midfield MI6 with Euro 2024 looming, but two England legends have blown his cover! Wayne Rooney and Jamie Carragher are in a heated “Foden or Bellingham?” showdown, demanding Phil Foden be England’s EURO MVP.


Two England legends have a radical solution: Unleash Phil Foden!


Fresh Off a Golden Season: Manchester City’s talisman, Foden, isn’t just another name on the Euro squad list. He’s the reigning Premier League Player of the Year, dazzling defenses with a staggering 19 goals!

Rooney’s Roaring Demand: “Build the team around Foden,” declares Wayne Rooney in The Times. He envisions a midfield trio with Rice as the anchor, Bellingham pushing forward, and Foden as the creative maestro – England’s very own No. 10. “Let him excel,” Rooney urges Southgate.


Carragher Chimes In: This isn’t a solo act. Jamie Carragher, Liverpool legend, echoes the sentiment. Sure, Bellingham’s a generational talent, a future Ballon d’Or contender, but for Carragher, “Foden is England’s most naturally gifted footballer.”

Why Foden? Carragher highlights Foden’s unique skillset. His close control, balletic movement in tight spaces, “the first touch that reminds me of Zidane and Iniesta,” – England has never seen anything quite like him.


England’s Messi in the Making? The comparisons are bold. Foden, with his Spanish-esque flair, could be the creative spark that ignites England’s Euro campaign. Can Southgate unlock this potential? The answer could decide England’s fate in Germany.



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