England Euros Shambles: Struggling Kane and Foden mystery

England’s Euros Hopes Rest on Shaky Ground: Fitness, Formation, and Foden Frustration


England’s Euro campaign has begun with a whimper, not a bang, and captain Harry Kane’s fitness woes are just the tip of the iceberg. Despite a scorching 49-goal season, Kane looks a shadow of himself, miles off peak performance. The missed matches at the end of the season due to a back injury seem to be lingering, raising concerns about his ability to lead the line.


But Kane isn’t the only England superstar struggling to find his rhythm. Phil Foden, the maestro of Manchester City’s midfield, has been a ghost on the pitch. Stuck on the left wing, Southgate’s tactical plan seems to be stifling Foden’s creativity. Is Southgate trying to fit a square peg in a round hole?


England’s attacking woes extend beyond individual performances. Their opening match against Serbia saw a record low for shots on target in a Euros game – a collective creative slump. This lack of invention can be partly attributed to Southgate’s midfield setup. England simply couldn’t control the center of the park, hindering their attacking flow.

Former player Gary Neville has questioned the midfield balance, particularly the experiment of using attacking fullback Trent Alexander-Arnold in a central defensive midfield role. While Alexander-Arnold’s passing initially looked promising, he struggled defensively when the game intensified. Is Southgate asking too much, turning a world-class fullback into a makeshift midfielder on the biggest stage?


The introduction of Conor Gallagher seemed to be a turning point. His presence brought much-needed security to the midfield, allowing Bellingham to finally press effectively. Southgate has a lot to juggle – Kane’s fitness, Foden’s placement, and the midfield conundrum. Can he find the right formula to unlock England’s potential and avoid an early Euros exit?



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