Reiss Nelson is in court, Jorginho has demands, and Zinchenko is involved in eSports.

Reiss Nelson of Arsenal is being sued for canine attack.

The 23-year-old forward for Arsenal, Reiss Nelson, is embroiled in legal trouble after it was claimed that his dog bit a massage therapist.

Nelson appeared in Hendon Magistrates’ Court on Monday and pleaded not guilty to charges of being unruly with a pet, which led to the alleged attack on masseuse Saeid Motaali in December 2020 and the resulting injury to her foot.

The judge in the case apologized and said, “I’m sorry we can’t proceed on your case this morning.

The trial has been postponed until 2024 while more evidence is gathered.

Oleksandr Zinchenko makes an esports debut.

Passion UA, an esports organization, was co-founded by Oleksandr Zinchenko.

Zinchenko hopes to have an impact on the competitive gaming scene by teaming up with former NAVI coach Mykhailo “Kane” Blahin.

The organization intends to make its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) debut with a team of young Ukrainian gamers.

In a letter to fans, Zinchenko outlined his goals for how Passion UA will benefit the esports community.

The team, formerly known as “Zen,” has already displayed promise by placing third in the IEM Sydney Europe Open qualifiers.

Fans who are interested in the fusion of traditional sports and competitive gaming will closely follow their activities as they prepare for upcoming competitions.

In the negotiations to transfer Jorginho, Arsenal made “absurd demands.”.

In discussions regarding the potential transfer of 31-year-old midfielder Jorginho, Arsenal is said to have made an “absurd request.”

Jorginho has been associated with Fenerbahçe, which is looking to add a new No. despite initial claims from the player’s agent that he would remain at Arsenal.

Sixth midfielder.

Arsenal’s cautious approach, largely brought on by Thomas Partey’s recent injury, complicates the situation despite the Turkish club’s allegedly ready offer of around €20 million.

Although the specifics of the “absurd request” have not been made public, it appears that Arsenal is pushing their luck during negotiations.

With a one-year extension option, Jorginho’s contract with Arsenal is set to expire in 2024.

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