Leandro Trossard was impressed with the 24-year-old’s performance for Arsenal against Chelsea on Saturday.

Leandro Trossard has now praised Arsenal team-mate Declan Rice’s impact in Saturday’s draw against Chelsea.


Speaking to The Standard, Trossard praised Rice’s goals and overall contribution since joining this summer.

The Belgian broadcaster also praised Rice’s attitude since joining Arsenal, describing him as a true leader.


Trossard said: “Declan [Rice] scored a great goal which got us back into the game and into believing again and as you can see we still managed to take the points.

He continued: “I knew straight away that he was focused and that he wanted to help everyone.

“You can tell he’s a great leader and person.”


And the result of this game shows how good Mikel Arteta’s team is.

This praise until triosard gives rice, it’s a new £ 105 million pounds, which has been equisable to his Arsenal peers.


William’s residue was added to killing a rich in a mild to mild to the chair. Trossard already sees Rice as a leader at Arsenal.


Jorginho recently said that this is a very special group of players in terms of their cohesion.

I can see why.


Bukayo Saka was recently seen praising Rice after Saturday’s game against Chelsea, a team he will be up against.

And one person who needs support from his peers right now is David Raya.


He wasn’t responsible for Arsenal’s second goal, but he looked very irritated.

It seems unlikely that Arteta will leave him just yet, but he might now consider it.


Aaron Ramsdale had a very reasonable start to the season before his move.

And the goalkeeper will now wonder what to do if he fails to return to the starting line-up against Sevilla on Tuesday.

It’s a decision that could say something about his future.


However, it bodes well for Arteta that there is a clear link between Rice and Trossard, despite both being in the early stages of their Arsenal careers.


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